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CBHR- HR on the Roads - Our First Initiative

Very recently I read about the nudge theory which impacts the behavior of Individuals . The theory in simple terms means "Small activities or triggers can influence behavior of individuals or collective group"For example a simple LED directional arrows in walking path can direct humans to walk in a straight line in a much crowded environment . This shall have significant impact in crowd management etc.

To know more on nudge theory please visit CLICK HERE FOR NUDGE THEORY. As founder of CBHR - Chennai Beyond HR - An initiative to take HR Beyond Organisations , an initiative  was taken for road discipline to make a statement that HRs can do beyond organisations and make small impacts. The first meeting for this year was organised on 16-06-2018 and we had CBHR members participating in it. To know more about CBHR first meeting and details please visit CLICK HERE As a first step we have launched this CAR stickers which shall be pasted on the cars of CBHR preferred members . As a…
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The Irony of Sales

It has been more than a decade since I was branded as Sales Person .Frankly speaking it was not an easy journey for me to survive and excel in the midst of traditional format of sales crowd .I was one among very few or rather only sales person who believed that sales is all about giving and not grabbing or getting. The rest of the colleagues who I have experienced mostly spoke about customer value proposition   for long run but looked at grabbing the immediate business for meeting up with targets / pressure. It was tough for me to compete with such a crowd and excel with the philosophy of giving .I always coach or mentor my team on “ Empathy” as the key characteristic of a Sales Person. Most of the time I ask my team who come to me for guidance on sales the following question. “How do you /would you react to a situation when you see your closest friend slipping down in front of you and got injured”. It’s the same way you have to see the customer’s pain .Seeing the customer’s pain req…

Customer Satisfaction - A continuous Process

Its after long holiday for my scribbling I felt like writing this on  a holiday today .Also I believe customer satisfaction never has a holiday in the entire sales process . I was given this topic yesterday at an office sales event unfortunately due to overflow of thoughts and lack of time I couldn't cover all .I thought I should pour it all here as its something that everyone would have experienced and experience.Whenever It comes to customer satisfaction , in the sales cycle it comes after acquiring the customer as we define the other as "suspects and prospects".Though technically it is right I strongly believe it comes even before at the stage of segmenting and targeting the right market.Most of the times defining the target customer means we define their needs,wants and pain points .Unless we define this properly later we cant satisfy them as we would have acquired a wrong customer or be in a wrong market with focus and core- competency on something else.Also we hav…

Suicidal Branding

Over years we have seen Corporates talking more about Branding.I see three faces broadly here in an Organisation's growth Path.
Stage One: Company in its Start up stage wants to differentiate itself from its competitors and give extremely good Service levels to its customers to kill competition.There is a continous focus on Innovation ,Value Addition etc.Most of the time size is also small and it is quite Manageable.In this phase most of the time branding evolves through automatic route merely through customers Word of Mouth(WoM).Most of the companies later dont realise it is this Fundamental "quality of Service-Innovation-Value addition " is the core of Branding.

Stage two:
The second Phase is when a company is in Matured/Post Growth state where it looks for Market Expansion.Now Company thinks about Branding investment because it understands that WoM Cant cut across geographies/industries effectively.Capitalising on the WoM and Branding Initiatives companies Grow More and …

Emotions-Foundation of Branding

I often go through various books on Branding and try to understand the way it is being created and taken to Nirvana.I now started feeling that a brand hovers around one simple Funda called "Emotions".

I beleive if you are able to "Create,Communicate and Deliver Logical valuable emotions consistantly at every interface of Target Customer" you are in the right path of the Brand Mission.

Consider any product say for example a bajaj pulsar , if you just communicate the benefit it is one another bike of bajaj.It started communicating emotional aspect of masculine,Bold targeting youth and pulsar is like a standalone brand now.

Some Experts comment "Brand Loyalty is a myth".However a Brand Built on Strong Emotions have logical psycological sense to have loyalty toward that.

Loyalty is an Emotional Factor and it can be created by consistent delivering of tangible and intangible value to the customer.

Consistent delivery of Tangible values can create Likingness but con…


It happened recently when I went to my uncle’s house in Chennai that his one year old daughter stopped crying when she listened to Jennifer Lopez and started dancing itself within the small arena built for it, the cradle. If I have to approve the definition for globalization in wikepedia I would say this is the perfect one. Yes, friends the impact of globalization is felt in each and every corner of this world but as a management student and more precisely a marketing student I was giving a thought is there this globalization has something to change with our traditional marketing views and concepts. I felt yes and it forced me to fill my pen once again.
If I have to see globalization I would see it as “Dealing with Differences”.oh! That’s a great task for every marketer you know. Anything in this world is termed difficult when it has uncontrollable in it. These uncontrollable play a very important role and this makes a marketer to see globalization as a threat. The uncontrollable comes…



Brand image
There are two schools of thoughts one says a brand can be built and other says a brand is evolved.whats right is not our issue now however a brand signifies one word called “trust” the consumer have on that brand. A trust can’t be built over night. It’s a saga. Coke has its history of about more than a century and this prolonged sustenance has definitely added to the brand image in the minds of the consumers and to its wallet.
Brand associations.
Throughout its history it was really excellent in associating the brand with right celebrities, right personality, right colour etc.the campaigns like “tanda mat lab coca cola” best describes the intangibles associated with that in India.
Brand extensions:
It capitalized on its brand equity by extending into mineral waters and other flavors of coca-cola at right time. It acquired a company called minute maid corp. and introduced Fanta (1960), sprite (1961) and tab in broke thr…